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Linda Hillis inspiring Van Buren County to participate in government.

Ms. Linda Hillis [above left ]  went to the Van Buren County mayor and asked what she could do about the new Wheel Tax and the Solid Waste Fee. Approximately 160 verifiable registered voter signatures in 7 days would give Van Buren County citizens the right to vote on the tax. Ms. Hillis started the petition. Others helped. The Special Election, held on  Feb 7, 2019, had high voter participation. The Wheel Tax did not pass.

We are here: Let’s Find the Way Together


Understanding county government and Tennessee politics can be confusing. VanBurenTN.Org in Spencer is here to help you gather the facts, engage with the Van Buren County Government’s Commission, and become an active citizen.

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Our Mission


VanBurenTN.Org in Spencer bridges the gap between citizens and Van Buren County government. Changes so far?
1) Citizens are attending county commission meetings and learning about Tennessee politics.                      2) Addresses corrected for commission meetings In government publications
3) Commissioner contact information added to the county government web site. 4) Keeping citizens informed on the Wheel Tax Resolution resulted in high voter turnout for the Feb 7 election
VanBurenTN.Org offers monthly meetings and citizen support for positive engagement  in government